Lost Speedway



Zip Zibolski made it all the way into the dirt late model ranks with this '71 Chevy Nova.

That's Kenny Hutchens (10) in his '70 Chevelle, all the way south to Volusia County Speedway in Florida. He was running for the World Street Stock Championship in 1986.

A sneak shot of Kenny Hutchens running at Marshfield Super Speedway when it was still dirt !


Below is a photo of a couple cars that someone stated working on but never finished. #27 is a 58 Ford and the other is a 54 Chevy. They sat in a field just outside of BRF for decades. And then just like that,,,,,they were gone.



ABOVE: Bill Lindner with his # 72 Chevelle at the Yellow River Speeday(Courtesy of Bill Lindner)
BELOW: is a picture with BIll and Marlin Walbeck  (courtesy of Bill Lindner)

Below : Bill Lindner shares the fun with the kids at Colby.(Courtesy of Bill Lindner)


Marv Marzofka #91 AND #19 (courtesy of Roger Peterson)


Below: John Boy and his '70 Chevelle. And yes, the bus in the background was our tow  vehicle for awhile.



ABOVE: John Tomaszewski # 21
BELOW: #777 Marty Robbins. Picture courtesy of Mark May.
Below is the interior shot of the #13 Torino.